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  • Hello and Welcome to Black Thorne Corporation, a proud member corp of S3XY Alliance. We are a null-sec corp based in syndicate and are involved in most game-play aspects of EVE including industry, PVE and PVP.

    Black Thorne is an all encompassing corporation. Our corp atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, and we impose no stipulations on your playing time whilst being a member. We appreciate that real-life issues may sometimes interfere with your game time!

    Our members are encouraged to work together and arrange projects amongst themselves using corp assets and capabilities. We are currently accepting applications from players in ALL time zones.

    We welcome new and experienced players (Alpha Pilots included). New players will be given advice and assistance in the game. However we do operate in low security areas which while bringing many benefits does add risks for less experienced players.

    We offer a number of programs and services including but not limited to:

  • -- Buyback programs for Ore, Ice, Salvage, Loot, Planetary Interaction, Logistics, Industry Facilities, Voice Comms, Fleet-Up etc. 

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